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Beston and the Kitchen (2003)

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kitchen600“Beston and The Kitchen” is simply a document of the raw energy and excitement that a live band of serious musicians can produce. This is rock’n’roll spinning on its head: Beston and his dizzy crew take the hip-hop form and fling it in a dozen directions: over the favelas of Brazil, past the Mississippi Delta, to the docks of the Caribbean, and into Motor City via San Diego. And through the whole journey Gabe and Jano are wailing on their drums like banshees, Steph and Marnie are crooning like songbirds, and Joe is pounding out the bass like Vulcan at his anvil. Beston, out in front with guitars akimbo and mike strapped to his shaved noggin, is thumping truth like a brimstone preacher and generally talking too fast for his own good. What it boils down to: all-new, all-original, good fun.

1. rollercoaster
2. it’s alright
3. the bill earner
4. when i rise
5. love is where you are
6. le le le, put down your guns
7. soul, hip-hop, and tropicalia
8. proper
9. zulu
10. the mark inside
11. me and my girl
12. playing with matches
13. time to work it out
14. watch your back


Beston and The Kitchen is:

Beston Barnett – lead vocals and guitar
Gabriel Damasceno – kit drums
Joe Hilgeman – bass and vocals
Stephanie Hentz – vocals
Marnie Havert – vocals
Alejandro Galindo – percussion

and featuring:

Rafi Benjamin – synths and sounds
Gianni Staiano – organ
Russ Gonzales – tenor sax